UselessWare series summer, 1995

collection of small freeware system extensions that I wrote partly out of boredom and partly to let people have a cool-looking system that's fun to use. I received a surprisingly large amount of positive feedback -- a lot of people wrote to tell me how much they enjoyed these silly little programs. Most people were kind enough to avoid commenting on the documentation, which sort of forms a bizzare chronicle of my depression. The series includes:

ShadyBar and Bender: Fades in the menubar and desktop so it looks cool and rounded. (Later merged into SlixTop.)

Boinger: Every so often causes the apple in the menubar to drop to the bottom of the screen, make a "boing" sound, and bounce back up.

GravityMouse: Every so often causes the mouse pointer to start sliding down the screen, until the user chooses a menu option to "Restore zero gravity".

Horoscope: Gives a humorous (or serious), randomly generated "Mad Libs"-style horoscope on startup.

SlixLaunch: Upon double-clicking on a program to launch it, the screen zooms into the program icon and fades into a blank desktop. The most popular of the series.

Read the Shadybar/Bender documentation
Read the Boinger documentation
Read the GravityMouse documentation
Read the Horoscope documentation
Read the SlixLaunch 1.0 documentation
Read the SlixLaunch 1.1 documentation

Download boinger.shk (12 Kb)
Download gravmouse.shk (3 Kb)
Download horoscope.shk (6 Kb)
Download slixlaunch.shk (5 Kb)