GravityMouse GS --- still more UselessWare from Slixter

Yep, they just keep coming -- I don't know when to stop, do I? HAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHAAHAAAAAAAAAA!!!!

To install GravityMouse, simply put it in your */System/System.Setup folder and reboot, or launch it with IR.

Then, go about your business as normal in the Finder... until you notice that the mouse cursor has started inexplicably sliding down the screen by itself. Well, hey, no problem, Issac Newton could've explained that one to you. Simply go to the Extras menu and select "Restore Zero Gravity". And all will be well... for a little while. And, each time gravity decides to strike, it gets stronger! If you stay in the Finder so long that gravity gets too strong for you to even get up to the Extras menu (that would probably be a -long- time), you can use the keyboard navigation features of Finder 6.0.1 to launch a new application. When you restart the Finder, the gravity level will have returned to low.

BTW, unlike Boinger, GravityMouse does not wait for you to be idle for a certain length of time -- gravity can strike at ANY time! BWAHAHAHAH!!!

Here's my rating for this UselessWare product:

No redeeming value | - - + - - + - - + - - + - -<*>- - | Utterly idiotic

(No, I don't think I've hit the top yet... just wait 'til next time!)

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I figure it's about time to put credit (or blame) where it is due -- If you are wondering what got me started on this UselessWare kick, the one responsible is (inadvertently) Eric Shepherd! I was working out a program conflict with him, he told me, "No problem, I'll just send you a request telling you what you need to know", I responded, "What's a request?", he said, "Um... the AcceptRequests toolcall...", I said "Oh yeah, I knew that, right..." and figured, well, if I'm going to be receiving a request from Sheppy, I had better find out what one is, and how to receive it... and that led to my discovery of the fascinating world of IPC! I love it! (I know it's old stuff, but I make up for my tardiness with enthusiasm.) And so, after I went about getting a couple Toolbox Reference Manuals (and a bunch of other goodies, thanks Froggie!) and armed with some sample IPC source from A2Pro (thanks guys!) [might as well be said here that I don't have TBR 3 or Programmers Reference for 6.0, so I have to learn a lot from example] I discovered I could make the system do all kinds of neat things! So I did.

Obligatory Opening Line plug: (sorry, I'll make it quick this time) -- When you turn on your computer, do you get a bland periwinkle blue screen and a little box that says "Welcome to the IIgs"?? Well then, by golly, you must not be using Opening Line! Send me e-mail, and I'll tell you more about Opening Line then you could ever wish to know!!

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