ShadyBar and Bender --- UselessWare from Slixter

Welp, I needed to learn IPC, so to get the hang of it, I cranked out these two little ditties.... Making something like this has been sorta a dream for me for a long time, so when I finally came across the programming knowhow, I decided to go for it. (My apologies if someone else has already written something like this)

ShadyBar shades the menu bar so it looks rounded and stylish. Bender "fades out" the top and bottom of your desktop.

These both only work in 640-mode. (They disable themselves in 320 mode) (If you use IR to install them, you'll have to start a new program (or quit your current one) before you see anything.)

Bender is kinda neat at first, but it can get annoying after not too long... ShadyBar by itself, however, is pretty cool. (It's hard to tell this with both of them installed.)

Enjoy! If you have anything to say to me (be nice), here's the place:

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