SlixLaunch v1.1 -- UselessWare from (who else) Slixter

To dispel any cynical rumors right off the bat, let me just say that NO, I do NOT intentionally write my programs crappy the first time around, just so I can release an update and have everyone say, "Oooh, that's a lot better!"

In any case, here's SlixLaunch v1.1, which is indeed a lot better in my opinion. You could probably even stand to use it on a non-accelerated system now.

Usual stuff -- to install this nifty extention, slap that file in your System.Setup folder and reboot. (Launching with IR isn't the best.)

If you have the "OOW" init, remove it beforehand. (Move it to another folder or trash it.)

Note that SlixLaunch won't work under MultiGS, and probably not under the Manager either. (It won't crash or anything -- it simply won't work). The reason is that under a multitasker, you never actually -leave- the Finder, and I'm not going to be like other inits ("OOW"ther inits?) and just blindly jump upon every finderSaysBeforeOpen....

For some mysterious reason, EasyMount likes to unselect its alias icons before launching them. Since I've aliased all my applications, and outfitted all my aliases with color icons, that provides a pretty neat effect.... (as opposed to launching a normal icon that stays selected and all black as you open it.)

If you liked SlixLaunch, then you might like ShadyBar, Bender, Boinger, GravityMouse, and Horoscope, which are the other members of the UselessWare series. I've also written AutoInfo (coming soon to Softdisk G-S perhaps), MagicMouse, Opening Line (what?), and -- my best -- TextFighter, published on Softdisk (8-bit) #161.

Some notes about -ME-, to waste your precious download time... I am now officially a college student kind of person at Caltech (that's the one in Pasadena, folks) and, well, what can I say? The people are pretty cool, the work is pretty easy, the food is really bad. Typical college experience, I suppose. I do have a good amount of free time, but I squander most of it... um... with my girlfriend... BUT, I could be spending it doing IIgs programming! You just have to let me know! To encourage me to spurn my romantic involvements for the sake of keeping the IIgs alive, send me some e-mail and let me know that someone is actually downloading this stuff!

And the OL plug, of course... Do you consider yourself to have a customized IIgs, a power machine that truly reflects that wild spirit burning inside your soul? Yes? No? Well, it doesn't matter, 'cause either way, you should have OPENING LINE, the Premier Splash Screen Enchancer for the Apple IIgs! That's a fancy title for a very fancy program -- just look at these quotes!

* "Opening Line is great! I love it!"

* "Super job, Bret! Keep up the good work!"

* "I've never seen anything this incredible in my entire life!"

* "Opening Line on my IIgs makes my Power Mac look like a TRS-80!"

* "Any IIgs user who doesn't buy Opening Line deserves to be dipped in hydrochloric acid and fed through an industrial-sized cheese grater!"

Okay, so I'm just quoting the things I say to myself to cheer myself up after looking at the dismal sales of this fine ware... c'mon guys, almost all of my feedback on this thing has been positive and enthusiastic -- it's a great program, it works, it's cool, it's been continually updated and improved, and for cryin' out loud, it's all I'm asking in return for all this UselessWare stuff! Twelve measly bucks to revolutionize the way you start up your computer!

Anyway... for more information on OL, or to comment on this program or any program or life in general or to just give my heart that warm fuzzy feeling it gets when I see the words "You have new mail", talk to me with one of these fine contact points:


Snayle Mayle: Bret Victor
MSC #791
Lloyd House, Caltech
Pasadena, CA 91126

Home Address (send your $12 Opening Line orders here!):
Bret Victor
19253 Parkview Rd.
Castro Valley, CA 94546

- SlixLaunch v1.1 - (c) 1995 Bret Victor and his angels of C minor.