Boinger --- more UselessWare from Slixter

There are two INITs in this archive: "" is for people who have Transwarps or ZipGS's. "Boinger" is for the poor folks who don't have an accelerator. (Yeah, I could've checked in the code. No, I didn't feel like it.)

Put the appropriate INIT in your */System/System.Setup folder, and put the sound file "Bounce" into your */System/Sounds folder. (Sorry, I was lazy and didn't feel like figuring out how to play a sound from my own resource fork either.)

You must have the Sounds Control Panel for this to work. (If you don't know, don't worry -- you probably do.)

Reboot your computer, and sit in the Finder for a little while...

Yep, that's it. And no, I don't have anything better to do.

Here is the scale I will be using for this and my subsequent UselessWare releases:

No redeeming value | - - + - - + - - + - -<*>- - + - - | Utterly idiotic

As always, send any comments, bug reports (ha!), credit card numbers, phone numbers of good-looking women (er.. with a sensitive side too), or whatever to:

GEnie : B.VICTOR1 Internet:

(c) 1995 Bret Victor and his faithful imaginary companions.

This is hereby not guaranteed to be compatible with anything.

Non-disclaimer: Bret Victor accepts all responsibility for anything that could possibly go wrong in your life. Really, lay it all on me. I'm the perfect scapegoat.

If you use the "" file, feel free to change the name to "Boinger", if you wish. I'm not like those mattress tag people.


Hey, I almost forgot to plug Opening Line! (How could I?!) Okay, if you want to make your computer really super cool fascinating neato awesome from the second you flip on the power switch, send me some e-mail saying, "I'm a cool [guy/girl/person]! Show me the Opening Line Press Release!" And I'll show it to you.

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