HIS is a list of the programs that I have written for the Apple II and IIgs. Many of them were freelance projects for a magazine-on-disk; others I published myself, commercially or as shareware. Screenshots are available for the more visually interesting programs. All of them, unless specifically noted, were written completely in 65C816 assembly language, and I did the design, programming, art, and music myself.

ll software is available for download. This includes the Softdisk ones, because they are no longer obtainable by any other means. However, please do not distribute them yourself without asking for permission.

ou may also be interested in deMODifier, which is a Windows/UNIX program, but is IIgs-related.

TextFighter: My first major project. A full featured arcade-style fighting game that uses only text characters and runs on any Apple II.

CoolEd: A music editor for Electric Duet, a popular music-playing routine.

Opening Line: My first IIgs project. Gives you something interesting to look at when you turn on your computer. Now freeware.

UselessWare series: A collection of small freeware system extensions that make your system cool to look at and fun to use. Or just plain annoying, in cases. Includes ShadyBar, Bender, Boinger, GravityMouse, Horoscope, and SlixLaunch.

MagicMouse: Control the mouse cursor using the arrow keys.

AutoInfo: Get size and type information on any file automatically, just by clicking on it.

PuyoPuyo IIgs: My IIgs adaptation of a great, addictive game. Play for score in the one-player mode, or play for hours against a friend.

Barnone II: Hides the menubar, and pops it up when you need it.

DisChord: Shows and plays any type of piano chord.

Periodic Table: It's the Periodic Table of the Elements. In a desk accessory. That sure is useful, let me tell you.

Operation Lambda: My biggest IIgs production. A logic/action game, where you work your way through a space station under distress, deflecting laser beams and saving hostages. 100 levels of fun and excitement. Now freeware.

MightyScroll: Move, scroll, and otherwise manipulate Finder windows with the touch of a key.

World Time Zones: Before you phone Japan, pull up this desk accessory so you know what time it is there!

SlixTop: Makes your desktop look really cool, and makes you feel like you aren't using a 15-year-old computer.

Jam Break: Music for the masses. Just pound away randomly on your computer's keyboard, and kick out some cool tunes.

WhatchaPress: Need to type a special character, like the copyright symbol or an accented letter? Having to hunt through a table is stupid. This is the smart way to do it.

MightyQuotes: Back in the day, we didn't have word processors that automatically used curly quotation marks. We had to type them in ourselves. Until we got this program.

PickQuick: Got a folder that you need to access often? Assign it to a button in PickQuick, and open it up with a single click. A surprisingly popular system extension.

SurfBurgers: It's a guy on a flying surfboard. Shooting bouncing hamburgers with math problems on them. Teaches kids math while demonstrating the harmful effects of smoking crack while programming.

MightyPrefix: Don't you hate having to navigate your way through a standard file-select dialog box to open a file, even though your desired folder is sitting there right in front of you in a Finder window? This helps solve that.

AAUUUUGGGGHHHHH!!!: I'm sure that at one time or another, you've wanted to take a gun and blow big holes in your computer screen. This program lets you do that. Safely.

MightyUnits: Nowadays, when you want to convert feet to centimeters to nautical miles, you go to an online conversion calculator. But back in the day, you used this.

Tell Me: Find out the name of that window that's buried under all of the other ones. See which folders the Finder is copying to and from during a file copy.

CrossHatch: A beautiful but incredibly frustrating puzzle game. See how fast you can put together the puzzle pieces... if you can at all.

Bunnies and Carrots: One of my best IIgs games. Which bunny will collect the most carrots before the time runs out? Light-hearted two-player fun.

SpamMaster: Quickly and easily send nasty replies to people who clutter your inbox with unsolicited e-mail.

SlixSecurity: Did Junior accidently format your hard drive the last time he tried to run his Math Munchers game? Here's some security software that lets you control who can do what.