LTHOUGH I am officially an electrical engineer, I have always enjoyed programming. I'm really an assembly hacker at heart, but in my later college years I begrudgingly turned toward C, C++, and friends. Currently I'm having a torrid love affair with Perl.

IIgs software: The Apple IIgs was my first computer. Although I was writing Apple II programs as soon as I could type, I thought IIgs-specific programming would be too hard. A happy accident called "Opening Line" proved me wrong, and thus began the torrential outpour of software by which I made somewhat of a name for myself in the IIgs community.

Windows software: At some point, I felt that I was just falling too far behind by holding on exclusively to the IIgs. So I joined the dark side and put together a Wintel box. And I got a compiler. And I wrote software.

Other software: My IIgs days are over, and Windows is just too uninteresting and annoying to inspire recreational programming. But I've found other places to channel my coding desires, such as web pages and Coke machines.