never really got into Windows programming as much as I did IIgs programming. Perhaps coding for the IIgs was more challenging, or I missed having my small but devoted following. Nevertheless, I did crank out some good stuff for the Windows platform, mostly using Borland C++. This list is in chronological order, so that good stuff is probably near the bottom.

SoundBurst: My very first Windows program. Awwwww. Gives your computer Tourette's Syndrome.

MagicMouse: Control your mouse pointer with the arrow keys. An absolute necessity in Photoshop and related programs.

orjasm!: It's a Java bytecode assembler with a pseudo-obscene name! That quality alone makes it not completely worthless.

LAAME: I came up with this language, along with a compiler and emulator, to help develop algorithms for simple autonomous robots.

Lloyd Radio CyberDJ: What do you do with a radio station at a school where everyone is too busy to DJ? You write a program that DJs for you, and lets listeners make requests from the comfort of their web browsers. One of my biggest and best software projects. Source code now available.

Tomorrow: Part of our Ditch Day stack. This was the terminal program (complete with Gratuitous User Interface) that the people on the stack used to communicate with us. The goal was the sort of ridiculously flashy interface that you see in hackers movies. Hack the planet!

deMODifier: A utility for converting Apple IIgs SoundSmith music files into ScreamTracker 3 modules, so you can play and edit your old SoundSmith songs on a modern computer. You can download the program and the source code, which compiles under UNIX as well.