ERE you will find some of my non-IIgs, non-Windows programs. That includes CGI programs, Unix software, and that operating system I wrote. In this case, "CGI program" means that you can play with it online.

CokeOS v3: My 68HC11-based operating system, which I wrote for the Coke machine project. I've done a lot of assembly programming in my day, but I'm proudest of this. Source code is available.

bpublish: An automatic HTML generator, and then some. Sort of like TeX for HTML, but better. bpublish produced the HTML that you are reading right now. You didn't think I formatted this entire website by hand, did you? Source code and manual available! Version 1.41.

kamaileon: A simple tool for sending anonymous or forged email. Lets you explicitly specify who it should appear that your message is going to and coming from. Source code is available.

lgrep: A tool for conveniently browsing through Apache server logs. Lets you easily exclude hits you don't care about, customize your view, and generate reports. Source code is available.

viewsource: (CGI program) Surfing in style. There are many programs that display HTML source, and many even color-code it, but how many let you follow links and view images?

multi: (CGI program) View a range of images all on one page. Pretty simple, but invaluable when reading through comic archives or browsing picture galleries.

spellcheck: (CGI program) Spellcheck your favorite websites! I wrote this at school one day when I had nothing else to do. It sort of works, most of the time.

creep: (CGI program) When looking for websites to visit, some people "Yahoo!", but I prefer to "creep". For Caltech or ex-Caltech folks only. Source code is available.

Life on the Farm: (Java applet) High-quality entertainment for the whole family! Throw vegetables at farm animals! When you get tired of that, use the built-in paint program to draw up your own vegetables and animals, or check out what others have drawn. Surprises and delights abound. From the software perspective, this is an extensive, well-architectured Java project, and the source code will be released as soon as anyone asks about it.