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★ Links 2013. worrydream.com/Links2013
@hamishtodd1 Of course, almost everyone I linked to is either over 60 or dead.
I actually didn't realize this until now. Only @terrycavanagh is under 60. I guess this is my "60 over 60" list.
60 OVER 60 DISRUPTORS INNOVATORS impatient to CHANGE THE WORLD with 40 yrs of careful thought & lasting contributions

Uncle Tukey in 1973, using interactive rotation to see the shape of high-dimensional data. Magic. youtube.com/watch?v=B7XoW2… via @AmeliaMN

Do you have an example of a tweet (just a 140 char standalone thought, no links or refs) that significantly changed your way of thinking?

sometimes I start to make things like this, and then I think "what's the point", and then I think why am i even worrydream.com/MeanwhileAtCod…

@ddmeyer The effect of pencil-and-paper programmers outperforming programmers-at-a-computer is no doubt real, and...

"Enactive = confidently manipulable. Iconic = having a sense or image of. Symbolic = having an articulation of." worrydream.com/refs/Mason…

The Double Fine documentary could be this generation's "Soul of a New Machine". youtube.com/playlist…

Maxwell, Gibbs, and Faraday thought with geometric visual imagery. bit.ly/1dYLJHr Also, clay. bit.ly/1kN3amN (via @Glench)

I'm pretty sure I spotted this on TechCrunch. worrydream.com/akljfdsiuewqjk…

Why is People magazine in the engineering library? worrydream.com/oatmeal/watson.jpg

Two interactive explanations of a 2d visibility algorithm: redblobgames.com/articles/visib… and ncase.github.io/sight-and-ligh…

Cmd-shift-3 captures a screenshot, but I forgot, what's the key combo to capture the state of the entire system so I can send it to someone?
Also, I like that "continuous undo" thing (hold key + use scrollwheel to rewind/scrub the system state) but I forgot the key for that too?

Take that Jony Ive profile in TIME time.com/jonathan-ive-a… and distill the oblivious irony into a single sentence:

A conversation with Doug Engelbart, Alan Kay, Ted Nelson, and Tim Berners-Lee. worrydream.com/refs/Vannevar…

"What ideas are convenient to express inevitably become the important content of a culture." bit.ly/1i3BtA3
"what look like novel ideas from a distance..." peripateticaxiom.blogspot.com/2008/01/resear…

Edward Tufte, Mike Bostock, Jonathan Corum, and I will be co-teaching a one-day course on May 6 in San Jose. edwardtufte.com/tufte/course_a…

Turns out that shouting at the entire world is optional.

Alan's advice for avoiding getting trapped inside your own head: fall in love with someone.

#tech #techindustry #wearables

When people call online services "tech companies", I wonder if they consider Wall St Journal, Hallmark, and Charmin to be "paper companies".
Can you imagine a journalist, Hallmark writer, and Charmin designer all going to the same "paper conferences", because they all "work in paper"?
As an electrical engineer I used to be astounded that people working on missiles and thermostats considered themselves in the same profession
... went to the same conferences, read the same journals, etc. They defined themselves by their tools, not by their effect on the world.

yo mama so short, yo craft so long to lerne

Tufte sees me and @mbostock, walks toward us with a delighted grin. His first words are "You're both so young!"
RT @EdwardTufte: Bret Victor, Mike Bostock, ET, Jonathan Corum: rehearsal for course Seeing,Thinking,Designing,Producing #dataviz #ddj

A man said to Bret:
“Sir, I'm a fan!”
“However,” replied Bret,
“The fact has not created in me
A sense of obligation.”

"You can't think about representations without thinking about representations of something." @aresnick channeling papert

Legible Mathematics: Sketches of an interactive arithmetic for programming. glench.com/LegibleMathema… (by @glench)

"I'm here to teach you, not entertain you" "What's wrong with doing both?" "What's wrong is you judge the teaching by how entertaining it is

"Our tools increasingly do things to us, not for us. There’s a big difference between becoming a citizen and becoming a ward." thesprouts.org/blog/how-children-what

Wait, is The Last Psychiatrist actually this generation's Neil Postman? Is this a "hero Gotham deserved" situation?

How times change.

I wonder if people actually enjoy twitter, or if it's mostly "alcohol for loneliness" -- numbing the problem while making it deeper

Every time you hear someone mention "storytelling", esp. in a journalistic or educational context, go reread this: worrydream.com/refs/Kay…
And if the "different ways of understanding the world" bit interests you, see Egan's wonderful en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Educa…

★ Seeing Spaces. A talk about a new kind of maker space. (15 min) vimeo.com/97903574
@arsatiki Tinkering is finding something that appears to work. Science is finding and articulating why it works. Different focuses.
btw, the "explode-the-knob" sweep in Seeing Spaces came out of "Interactive Exploration of a Dynamical System". vimeo.com/23839605

60% of my fav links from 10 yrs ago are 404. I wonder if Library of Congress expects 60% of their collection to go up in smoke every decade.
How can you call the web a publishing medium when your bookshelf can just vanish? URLs and HTTP are a disaster. Doesn't have to be this way.

c went ahead and completed the permutations. All set for that DARPA bid now.

Is it time for a "brief rant on the fucking oculus rift"? Does it matter? Can you stop the tide? (Maybe: Jerome Bruner killed behaviorism!)
Jerome Bruner: people are more than stimulus-response, they have minds!
Bret: people are more than optic nerves, they have bodies!
Led a discussion at foo camp. No consensus.

you laugh because you've forgotten how to cry

behind the times / ahead of its time / not of its time / timeless
When you hear the bandwagon coming, get off the road.

"Okay, so, there's a lot of unlearning that needs to happen before you can begin to understand what I'm trying to say."
media for unlearning the unlearnable

"Polynesian Teeth Syndrome": inventing new technology to solve problems created by new technology (coined by @glench)

Free-To-Play Twitter. Tweets can be any length; each char over 50 costs one TweetPoint. You get 200 free points each day! (You can buy more)

look on my Series B, ye Mighty, and despair

"Of the earth": rooted in contemporary practices, thought patterns, concerns, culture. "Of the sky": perpetually-meaningful, transcendent.

The thing to ponder is not that Maxwell sculpted physical models, but that his models were forgotten while the symbolic formalism lived on.

★ The "Seeing Spaces" talk, redesigned as a 5-foot wall-poster comic thing. worrydream.com/SeeingSpaces

1960s: AI vs IA.
2010s: Virtual Reality vs Dynamic Reality
"Magic Ink" = AI
"Media for Thinking the Unthinkable" = IA

"Ladder of Abstraction" is entirely about *seeing things in context*. Bizarrely, the word "context" is never used. worrydream.com/LadderOfAbstraction
... On the other hand, the word "context" appears 95 times in "Magic Ink". So, semantic satiation, maybe? worrydream.com/MagicInk

Becoming painfully aware of the implicit structures -- "the old ways" -- constraining my imagination...
... Frustrated by feeling an enormous far-away potential, but finding that my concrete ideas are assembled out of the crap lying around me..
... I see the flicker of a distant campfire, but I try to get there by building another story onto my skyscraper.

Iconic example from diSessa of how representations -- the marks we see and manipulate -- determine what we can think. worrydream.com/oatmeal/changing-minds.jpg
@juanbenet But most people still don't recognize *notation* as a technology.

Eyes on the Prize: a beautifully-done "active video". Watch+read+browse+explore. glench.com/EyesOnThePrize by @glench

Global warming used to be my primary source of existential despair. Now it's the inevitability of VR.
Global warming will make the world uninhabitable. VR will make the world irrelevant.
Who cares if the sea levels rise, there's plenty of room in cyberspace

What an unexpectedly harmonious pairing. worrydream.com/oatmeal/maslow.png

In today's edition of "fears I keep to myself" -- a juxtaposition.

Seeing hand-lettering among the fonts, hearing true harmony among the equal temperament, making what you need among the manufactured goods.

If you're not at the right place at the right time, you've got to make the right place and make it the right time.

uber for renewal of purpose

Tubular bells! Kettledrums!

I always assumed it was a joke made over beer, taken way out of context. Turns out some reporter just made it up.

Just found out Jack Goody wrote "Domestication of the Savage Mind" at age 58. His most recent book was at age 91. en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jack_Goody
... Jerome Bruner did "Man: A Course of Study" at age 50. His most recent book was at age 88. en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jerome_Br…

"You'll notice it's gone basically to zero." Please watch this important talk by @DanielleFong nantucketproject.com/danielle_fong_…

@sama Good Future: everyone entirely understands what's happening when they sign, why it's secure. Bad Future: blind trust in voodoo-magic.
@sama (This is not really about education. This is about forms in which the system is represented, and transparency of implementation.)

Couldn't help but notice this sad irony.

I've decided that despair is not useful, and I'm not going to do it anymore.

Heh. So many representations yet undiscovered, which will seem "obvious" to future generations worrydream.com/refs/Goody…

Only in San Francisco.

We appear to be lacking consensus on the quantity of cultures.

@davidad @DanielleFong In my experience, it often seems to go more like this. worrydream.com/oatmeal/you-see-an-idea.png

The correct form of pessimism is not "that'll never work" but "what are the negative consequences when it does work?" bothsidesofthetable.com/2014/11/05/the…

Federated Wiki is one of the most important projects going on right now. Get involved! hapgood.us/2014/11/06/fed…

Has anyone written about iPhone, Google, Facebook, etc. as from the 2040s, looking back on them as retro-computing? medium.com/message/networ…

First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they misinterpret you, then they ignore you, then they call you "inventor of the mouse".

Video Digests: a tool for creating browsable skimmable video-pages like "Media for Thinking the Unthinkable". vis.berkeley.edu/videodigests

"Turn-By-Turn Directions as Restoration of the Bicameral Mind"

I wonder if spatial metaphors will start to fail as people lose acquaintance with actually navigating real space.

After all these years, I'm still thrilled when somebody links into an individual paragraph in Magic Ink.
(Ted Nelson rolls his eyes, rides away on his transcludacycle.)

artificial intelligence vs intellect augmentation
virtual reality vs dynamic reality
human computation vs individual empowerment

media for effing the ineffable

Someday, BTW, OMG, and WTF might be seen like "N.B.", "e.g.", and "sic" are today -- relics of a more formal era, academic, slightly stuffy.

The first sentence of Maxwell's monumental, world-changing "Treatise on Electricity and Magnetism".

Direct manipulation of mathematical functions. This is huge. tobyschachman.com/Shadershop (by @mandy3284)

"It is like opening your ribcage, and letting someone see the little bird you have inside."
A note about tomorrow's talk, "The Humane Representation of Thought". worrydream.com/TheHumaneRepre…
★ The Humane Representation of Thought: a trail map for the 21st century. (keynote at UIST and SPLASH, 1 hour) vimeo.com/115154289

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