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And... we're live: pushpoppress.com/ourchoice

Liking @andy_matuschak's idea of #publishittuesday. Let's get this bus on the highway. (Renaming to #publishtuesday to avoid parse error.)
Visualizing Weights of Graph Edges (or Two Great Graphs That Go Great Together) worrydream.com/VisualizingEdgeWeights #publishtuesday

worrydream.com/KillMath made the rounds last week, so I thought I'd add a little substance to the sound and fury...
new Kill Math video: Interactive Exploration of a Dynamical System vimeo.com/23839605 #publishtuesday
Added a section to Kill Math: "Education and Command Lines". worrydream.com/KillMath/#edu

Is it #publishtuesday? It is! Scientific Communication as Sequential Art: worrydream.com/ScientificCommunicationAsSequentialArt

Hobo lifestyle bewilders & terrifies Canadian border police. 20 min interrogation, 3 guards go through bags, wallet, phone, email, txts...
Maybe I shouldn't have said I have no job, home, contacts, destination, return ticket, or purpose of visit.
"I don't understand why someone would quit his job and move around for months." Lady, I can't explain it to my parents either.

new Kill Math invention: "Scrubbing Calculator" worrydream.com/ScrubbingCalculator #publishtuesday

★ Alpha release of Tangle JS library for reactive documents. Make your own explorable explanations! (And get involved!) worrydream.com/Tangle

Found this on my Voice Memos, like a recording of a forgotten dream. worrydream.com/oatmeal/5_23_11-1_02_PM.mp3

★ How Many Households: redesigning a nytimes interactive graphic so it shows the data. worrydream.com/HowManyHouseholds #publishtuesday

I aspire to achieve the stability of Paul Erdős and the sociability of Paul Lutus.
Hobo backpack is empty. First morning in new home. Next adventure begins now.

Wikipedia: "Ulysses is a novel by James Joyce" "Son of Man is a painting by René Magritte" "Missile Command is an arcade game by Atari, Inc"
"Pilgrim in the Microworld", a book on Missile Cmd and Breakout: "Atari" appears 63 times, "Dave Theurer" 0 times, "Nolan Bushnell" 0 times
What does it mean for an art form when individual authorship is not acknowledged or even understood, and is hidden behind corporate labels?
Speaking of unacknowledged authorship, I think Bob Widlar's bio should be bedtime reading for your children. en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bob_Widlar

I like to revisit EWD637 from time to time. The third rule is one of the primary guides for my life. cs.utexas.edu/users/EWD/…

1. Ask "What's the integral of log x?" Immediate answer. Ask "What's a situation where you would need to know that?" Much harder question!
2. Ask "What's the integral of log x?" Ans: "x log x - x". Ask "What does that curve look like?" No idea. "x log - x" is a song, not a shape
1b. Ask "What's a tool for inserting a nail?" Immediate answer. Ask "What's a situation where you would need to know that?" Immediate answer
2b. Ask "What's a tool for inserting a nail?" Answer: "A hammer." Ask "What does a hammer look like?" Immediate perfect description.

Off to the woods for a week. No access to email, twitter, electricity, running water, etc. Back in Sept with... something... maybe?
Out of the woods, and back to "civilization". worrydream.com/oatmeal/civili…
Spent the last two days trying to write a paragraph. WHY CAN'T I WRITE PARAGRAPH.
Rough draft has been sent off for feedback. Now on to stage three! (1. Sit at typewriter. 2. Bleed. 3. Friends dunk you in rubbing alcohol.)
Currently murdering my darlings. It's a goddamn darling massacre over here.
The massacre.
★ Up and Down the Ladder of Abstraction: a systematic approach to interactive visualization. worrydream.com/LadderOfAbstraction

Dear e-book platforms: If you don't support computation & dynamically-generated gfx, you are not an e-book. You are a fax machine simulator.

I once said to her that the only thing we have in common is that we have nothing in common with anyone else. I was joking but she didn't laugh.

Just took a tour of NIF. lasers.llnl.gov Commercial fusion power by 2030 -- our generation's Apollo.
Love the diagnostics in large plants like NIF. Every last bit is centrally monitored and visualized. That's real engineering -- not printf.

Hey everyone, I just thought of a metaphor for "web apps"! Ready?
... You go into the bathroom and lock the door. When your friends want to hang out, you say you can't because you're locked in the bathroom.
... But they can watch through the window as you construct a replica of your entire house, inside the bathroom, out of toilet paper rolls.
... Sleeping in the bathtub represents WebGL.

sick + rainy weekend = grumpy bret poops words onto the internet
★ A Brief Rant on the Future of Interaction Design. worrydream.com/ABriefRantOnTheFutureOfInteractionDesign
★ Some responses and follow-up to A Brief Rant on the Future of Interaction Design: worrydream.com/ABriefRantOnTheFutureOfInteractionDesign/…

If a scientist makes a discovery but does not communicate it clearly, then for all practical purposes, no discovery has been made.
... Corollary: If A makes a discovery but B is the first to communicate it clearly, credit for the discovery should go to B.
... Citing bad papers encourages bad papers. Don't struggle through a bad paper -- ignore it. Clarity should be as important as correctness.

The monster at the end of this book.

Tonight's dessert: bitter tears, extra delicious.

Some thoughts on teaching. worrydream.com/SomeThoughtsOn…
My parents were schoolteachers. I grew up with school on all sides. Reading Gatto and Papert was like awakening from a religious upbringing.

"I don't want to see the state of the file when I'm editing." --Ken Thompson praising the "ed" text editor bit.ly/vTmTks
... "I don't want to see the state of the system when I'm designing." --every engineer today (implicitly)

why is this coming out of my photoshop and how can I make it stop.

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