from Richard Hamming: One Man’s View of Computer Science (1968 Turing Award Lecture)
Let me now turn to the delicate matter of ethics. It has been observed on a number of occasions that the ethical behavior of the programmers in accounting installations leaves a lot to be desired when compared to that of the trained accounting personnel. We seem not to teach the "sacredness" of information about people and private company material. My limited observation of computer experts is that they have only the slightest regard for these matters. For e×ample, most programmers believe they have the right to take with them any program they wish when they change employers. We should look at, and copy, how ethical standards are incorporated into the traditional accounting courses (and elsewhere), because they turn out a more ethical product than we do. We talk a lot in public of the dangers of large data banks of personnel records, but we do not do our share at the level of indoctrination of our own computer science majors.
man i hated all those ethics courses i had to take in order to become a certified software engineer oh wait there are no ethics courses and i was never certified by anyone let's store some passwords in plaintext it's not like we're subject to independent audits like real professions are