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It needs to be on. c-span.org/video/?67583-1… (8:10)

By request, I put the climate change essay on github.
(Sorry, no revision history. The revision process didn't happen inside a tiny rectangle.)

Welp, looks like it's time to start studying up on non-information theory. twitter.com/hypotext/statu…
Oh Claude Shannon, my sweet summer child

It's easier to be a hero than to create conditions such that heroism will not be needed.

To clarify: Mead already proved scaling *could* happen physically. Moore's Law was that scaling *would* happen, in industry, at a given rate

In honor of the death of Hans Rosling (too soon), watch his video on eradicating global poverty. gapminder.org/videos/dont-pa…

Wry fatalism is the worst kind of self-fulfilling prophesy.

I looked up a mathematics term on my internet communications device.

Christina Engelbart @ChristinaDEI and I made a video digest of the Mother of All Demos. dougengelbart.org/firsts/1968-de…

this seemed like a good idea at the time but it just ended up depressing

"web browser"

help i've forgotten what computers are for

1632 Galileo pretends to complain about people complaining about political suppression of earth science & scientifically-illiterate advisors

Austin's mom is so proud
Appendix II folds out
Analysis of Nonlinear Control Systems in 1964, transmitting a desperate message to machine learning engineers in 2017

Eric Betzig, recipient of 2014 Nobel Prize in Chemistry, pictured here with Windows Task Manager because PowerPoint stopped playing video.

Can anyone recommend a textbook on modern digital IC design? (w/ transistors & layout, not HDLs) I know Rabaey's book but it's a bit old now

The AI does not hate you, nor does it love you, but you are made out of attention which it can use for something else
@fnedrik I think writing on the internet just means assuming that for any given reference, lots of people will get it and lots of people won't.

minimum viable cathedral

I thought that phrase sounded familiar!

@assovertkettle Holy cow, are you serious? That never occurred to me, but that must be it.


@noahlt I once went to a "how to start a nonprofit" workshop where every nonprofit founder started off their session with "Don't start a nonprofit".

@mbostock Everyone thinks they invented social media, but the term "BBS" just gets blank stares.
@DynamicWebPaige @mbostock 1200, now that was a nice laid-back baud rate, watching the characters flow in while sipping lemonade on a lazy summer afternoon

This is a good book. drawdown.org
This is also a pretty good book. withouthotair.com
This isn't as good as those, but maybe more actionable. worrydream.com/ClimateChange

walked into @Dynamicland1 this morning, found a cellular automata that @qwzybug and @siglesias left on the kitchen counter last night
not gonna lie, we have a pretty nice kitchen counter

@Glench has made many wonderful things, but Laser Socks is certainly the sweatiest. glench.com/LaserSocks
@Glench When people ask what Laser Socks has to do with thinking the unthinkable, I say "Laser Socks is our Spacewar". wheels.org/spacewar/stone…

forces on phantoms @Dynamicland1
not gonna lie, we have some pretty nice paperclip tins twitter.com/GalaxyKate/sta…

face-to-face (from amazon.com/dp/0521567459)

JUST ANOTHER DAY AT THE OL' WONDER OF THE WORLD twitter.com/michael_nielse…

I think about this passage in @doougle's thesis a lot. 1/3 doougle.net/phd/Designing_…
Consider a computer which is not an "authority", synthesizing some virtual world and enforcing its rules, but rather 2/3
a "material", in the real world, which we use and shape in a physical and human context that the computer is only minimally aware of. 3/3

separated by 100 years, this is the sentence that struck me as most foreign, poignant


not gonna lie, we have some pretty nice drawers

the disruptor of all disruptors that don't disrupt themselves

"Authoring is always on." google.com/search?q=%22au…

Goal: 9 billion scientists by 2050.
("5 billion readers by 2017" would have sounded just as crazy 100 years ago.)

it's just Science all the time around here @Dynamicland1

@rmozone you always come back to the classics @Dynamicland1

Lesson: expect your ideas to take hold in 100 years, and you'll never be disappointed! (from infosys.org/infosys-founda…)

New @Dynamicland1 website coming in a few days. (I personally like the current site, but apparently it's not "responsive" on "mobile". dynamicland.org )
★ Dynamicland: incubating a humane dynamic medium dynamicland.org
Hey, remember this from six years ago? worrydream.com/ABriefRantOnTh… This fire has been burning for a long time. @Dynamicland1

a good mess @Dynamicland1
making messy music @Dynamicland1

As Kay himself has said so many times, this question is entirely about funding. With ARPA/IPTO-style funding, you get Kays (and Engelbarts, Minskys, McCarthys, Corbatós, etc) With VC and NSF, you don't. Even Kay hasn't been able to "be Kay" since the 80s: worrydream.com/2017-12-30-alan twitter.com/smdiehl/status…
@ciyer @Jonathan_Blow Alan's point is that that style of funding creates a research culture, and that culture is what's necessary. Self wasn't part of a larger movement in the way that personal computng, time-sharing, AI, and the internet were.

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