Website Updates

9/24/02:    Due to a series of events which I haven't had time to blawg about, I've moved. Before I left, I made a goodbye gift for my housemates. It's basically a string of inside jokes, but if you don't get the overall reference, then you didn't have a childhood.
9/1/02:    My definition of a "month" keeps getting progressively longer and longer. Anyway, a desktop background design for this month or last month or whatever has been added to the gallery.
8/28/02:    blawg entry. (Road trip! Most people find the I-5 drive, 400 miles of monotonously spacious skies and amber waves of weeds, to be something short of exciting....)
8/14/02:    mlawg entry. (I've been playing around with this for a while now, and it's never really gone anywhere....)
8/8/02:    The tale of my recent job search has been added to the Humor section, so you may all laugh at my plight. Don't tell me I'm not trying.
7/22/02:    blawg entry. (My apologies for the lack of blawgage recently...)
7/16/02:    This month's desktop background design is up in the gallery. It's more positive than the last one.
7/11/02:    Revamp-o-rama! Vaguely in honor of my upcoming quarter-centuritude, I (at long last) completely rewrote the Who I Am and About This Website sections, and redid or touched up most of the create and else menu graphics.
6/28/02:    lgrep is up in the Other Software section. I generally try to avoid looking at server logs because they tell me that no one visits my site, and then I get sad and cry. But when I do look, it's nice to know just what I'm looking at.
6/25/02:    Occasionally, I find someone or something on the web that is really cool. Until now, I've had no way of sharing these discoveries except for awkwardly slipping links into blawg entries. But now, I can give madprops. It's like a traditional blog. (As opposed to blawg, which is like a traditional journal.) Not much there yet, but it will fill over time.
6/24/02:    blawg entry. (I was mulling over some boolean algebra in the shower this morning...)
6/15/02:    blawg entry. (A Barnes & Noble recently opened up within walking distance of my house....)
6/12/02:    Another month, another desktop background design. I also went ahead and annexed an archive to the website, in anticipation of future desktoping endeavors.
6/7/02:    blawg and mlawg entries. (I'm almost... bored....)
5/23/02:    blawg entry. (My new goal: ambidexterity. The technical control I have over my hands is severely polarized toward the right, and this bothers me....)
5/16/02:    blawg entry. (The last couple weeks have been spent job searching online, an activity which seems almost as effective and enjoyable as wearing a "WILL DESIGN EMBEDDED SYSTEMS FOR FOOD" sandwich board down at the freeway exit, minus the fresh air and the dignity....)