OMEDAY I'll look back on all this childishness with shame and embarrassment. I hope that day is a long ways off.

hy this website?

ome folks believe that everyone has something to offer the world. I'm not yet convinced of that, but I do think that those who can offer something, really should. Especially since the web makes it so incredibly easy.

here is no medium better suited to individual sharing than the internet. Throughout my own web-based wanderings, I've relied up shared software and information, laughed at shared humor, marveled at shared artistry of all kinds, and dived into shared lives, emerging with respect and fascination and love for those who have offered the world something beautiful. I am immeasurably grateful for these experiences. Thus, this is my small contribution to the global community; this is my reciprocation for what I have consumed. This is what I can offer.

n the flip side of the coin, you might claim this to be a narcissistic self-monument, marked as my online territory via a thorough stream of digital urine; a place to thump my virtual chest and showcase my dirty laundry with the sort of appallingly improper lack of reticence that would give Ms. Manners an aneurysm. Yes, you could claim that, but that would be mean.

hat's on this website?

he bulk of the website lies on the create side, an increasingly sprawling heap of personal creations that I either thought were worthy of sharing with the world or necessary to fill up space. The remainder, here on the else side, contains contact info, pictures, links, and your other traditional website side dishes. Returning visitors (derisive snort) will want to stop by the Current Events page, which houses various useless but quite up-to-date information, as well the updates page and blawg. The former describes the latest hodges to be lovingly grafted onto this podge; the latter is where I foist the intimate details of my life onto an anonymous worldwide audience, and usually attempt to make it at least somewhat interesting.

hat's behind this website?

did not hand-write all the HTML on this site. I did, however, hand-write all the software to write the HTML for me. bpublish was born along with this current site design in February 2001, and since then has grown and expanded and blossomed and flourished into an all-purpose content generation tool that eliminates the tedium of writing HTML without sacrificing the control. Imagine Gutenberg's printing press versus the laborious transcriptions of monastic scribes, minus the whole "technological revolution" bit. I'll unabashedly admit that I absolutely love working with bpublish. If you are intrigued, check it out for yourself. It's free, fairly easy to use (if you know Perl), and comes complete with a user manual that is longer than the program code itself.

or the statistically curious, this site consists of 284 individual HTML files, generated from 24 bpublish files. There are also 601 image files, mostly taken from six or so big fat Photoshop files. The website will work at any resolution, but at least 800x600 is needed to see everything. There are no stylesheets, JavaScript 1.2, or anything else modern and scary, so the site will look fine even in Netscape 3. There is no hit counter or tracker of any kind, since that would just be depressing. Ditto for a guestbook.

n a different sense, what's behind the website is me. This site represents my life, my work, and who I think I am right now. I would love to hear what you think of it. Please, send me e-mail. My inbox cries out with a terrifying emptiness that only you can fill. Only you.