Quick links to people and places that kick my ass.

6/12/03:    Jon Carroll, 6/9/03: Yes! Exactly! I've been doing this for years.
6/7/03: A great journal comic, in the spirit of Drew Weing. Funny and poignant.
4/11/03:    Downwind: A fantastic arrangement of a couple of Yasunori Mitsuda pieces. I could listen to this all day. I did, in fact.
4/11/03:    A World Awaits Chrono: The opening theme to Chrono Trigger contains one of my all-time favorite musical passages, so maybe I was a little biased... but this version blew my mind.
3/30/03:    The Inmates Are Running the Asylum: This book should be required reading for everyone in or around the software industry. Nothing I've read has ever resonated with me this strongly.
1/7/03:    Hacker's Delight: Despite the cringingly misleading title, this is the best book ever written. I'm in rapture.
10/20/02:    The Westing Manuscript: After rereading a few of Ellen Raskin's absolutely incredible works of fiction, I came across this fascinating account of the creative process behind her writing. Includes scanned working drafts, design notes, and a half-hour audio recording of the author's explanation.
8/14/02:    Not My Desk: Hilarious. Wonderful. I had to read this through tears of laughter.
8/12/02:    Scarborough ala Kurtz: I would give my left kidney to be able to put together something like this.
8/8/02:    Lobster Shells: Ellie is a beautiful writer. Her blog is superb as well.
8/5/02:    Cat and Girl: is great. Great, great, great.
8/4/02:    The Mirror Project: Sweet. Spend an evening hitting "reload" on the Random page.
8/4/02:    other people: "to say that he was top heavy is a gross understatement. he was built like an upside-down pear, nay, a 40 watt lightbulb."
7/17/02:    Spooner: I love it. I don't know why I didn't read it sooner.
7/15/02: No longer being updated, apparently, but I really enjoyed going through the archives.
7/15/02:    Megway: A bold step forward in pedestrian science and engineering!
7/13/02:    Wolfenstein 5K: A 3-D first-person shooter in 5Kb of JavaScript. I think I'm going to cry.
6/28/02:    Bleat, 6/28/02: Lileks in top form.
6/28/02:    Kitty Boat Song: My Y chromosome rebels against this confession, but I really like this. I loved the song when I heard it for the first time here.