Mom's Windchimes November, 2000

made these windchimes for my mom's birthday. The chimes are made from aluminum tubing, the "clanger" is half of the head of a rubber mallet (since I wanted a soft touch to only excite the lowest frequency), and the windcatcher is a mussel shell. There are four chimes which play a C major seventh, standard inversion (C, E, G, and B, with the C on the bottom).

he chimes are tuned to pretty much exactly the right notes. This was accomplished by cutting the chime to about the right length, leaving it a little bit long. I then bonged the chime, recorded the sound on the computer, did an FFT, and looked for the peak to see what the fundamental frequency was. I then shaved off some of the chime with a file, and repeated until the frequency was exactly what it was supposed to be. This actually isn't quite as easy as it sounds, because the chime swings back and forth a little when you bong it, creating a Doppler effect which shifts the frequency a bit, so you have to take that into account.