'VE made various other random things that don't fit into the previous categories. A lot of them were gifts. Here are a few that I thought were worth sharing.

Desktop Backgrounds: Visual artistry is somewhat unfamiliar territory for me, but it's fun to dabble. Here are my monthly attempts to express myself on a 1024x768 canvas.

Goodbye Room: Before I moved out of my previous place of residence, I made a small goodbye gift for my housemates. It's basically a string of inside jokes, but if you don't get the overall reference, then you didn't have a childhood.

Urban Solutions Website: I would never consider professional web design, but I don't mind doing volunteer work. I designed this website pro bono for a local non-profit group.

Turtles: A fanart parody for Derek Kirk, master of the online small story. Be sure to read his story first.

Albert's Cartoon: My housemate Albert likes to cook, especially experimental dishes, and his aspiration is to one day make a "turducken", which is a duck, chicken, and turkey somehow stuffed inside each other. But he was out of the country during Thanksgiving, so I sent him this greeting.

Joanne's CD Rack: What do you do for a girl who has boxes of CDs but nowhere to put them? You make her a rack.

Mom's Windchimes: Windchimes are a lot of fun to make, especially if you are an EE and a perfectionist.

Michele's Doormat: You know you are someone special when I make you a personalized doormat.

T-Shirt Designs: Okay, there's currently only one design here, but a couple more are in the works.

The Amazing EE Binder: I was tired of rooting around in my drawer to find the components I needed for a project, so I made this. Every EE should have one.