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What's In The Box

Tangle.js is a lightweight library that provides a simple API for tangling up the values in your document. Tangle.js has no dependencies, and works with any JavaScript framework, or none at all.

TangleKit is an optional collection of UI components that let your readers adjust values and visualize the results. You can grab whichever components you want, use them, extend them, modify them, or just learn from them and make your own. TangleKit also includes (and depends on) a few helpful libraries, such as MooTools, sprintf, and BVTouchable.

Tangle Template is a simple sample document that you can start from, to get tangling right away.

Get Involved

This is an alpha release. That means that the API is subject to change, and such changes may break your code. TangleKit is currently a hodge-podge, and almost certainly will change.

But don't let that stop you. Make things with Tangle! Here's how you can help: