may not be a big "web-surfer", but I know what I like. And I like these sites. Maybe you will too.

kaleidoscope: Would you like to see what I see? Also, check out Site Unscene.

MathWorld: The One True Mathematics Resource.

RhymeZone: The best rhyming dictionary I have ever used, plus lots of other lexical resources. A phenomenal site!

The Art Corner: Resources for artists, and links to artist pages. Some amazing people, amazing stuff. Here is a good place to start. If you were on the BBS scene ten years ago, this site will deliver the nostalgia in waves. And a lot of it is still pretty cool.

Solid Sharkey: He seamlessly used the word "oviparous" in reference to the Little Mermaid. I respect that.

Ze Frank: I would have a website exactly like this if I were anywhere near as good as this guy.