'M a webcomic junkie. Here are some of my favorites.

Cat and Girl: Genius in each and every one.

Small Stories: A collection of short stories in comic form. Beautifully drawn and beautifully written.

As If!: It's never too early for nostalgia. Well-drawn, engaging, and always funny.

Wigu: Jeff Rowland is my hero, and I don't know why. Also be sure to read through the When I Grow Up archives.

Bobbins: Is no more, but the archives are priceless.

Crippling Depression: Gotta support the local boys.

Sinfest: Blasphemy, misogyny, and the search for the meaning of life.

Goats: One of the longest running webcomics, and one of the best.

Mac Hall: Probably the best illustrated webcomic I've seen that is actually good.

You Damn Kid: Fine family entertainment.

Spooner: Great professional-quality strip for anyone who is in or has ever been in a relationship.