Wednesday, 4/11/01

Not much blawg, not much to write about. Life has been humming and drumming along. The paper was finally finished and submitted. My advisor was kind enough to send me his feedback on the semi-final draft at midnight on the day of the deadline. That probably would have would intimidated a more diurnal person, but it was no problem for me and my 8 am to 4 pm sleep schedule. I just knocked out the final draft, submitted, and went to bed.

The next day (aka, that afternoon) I celebrated with a trip to the friendly neighborhood comics shop, where I exchanged little green pieces of paper with pictures on them for little white pieces of paper with pictures on them. I've recently developed the habit of spending large amounts of money at a time at the comics shop, which is one of Joanne's traits that I used to tease her about. Interestingly, the money that I now spend on comics is the money that I used to spend on her, so there's your Ironic Twist for the day.

I read through two webcomics, Acid Reflux and Luminosity Pro, both of them, well, really really good. Wow.

I haven't had a chance to play much music lately, outside of band practice. Well, perhaps I did have a chance but I was too busy reading comics to notice. :) Sometimes I just feel like reading instead of writing, I guess. Nevertheless, there's a little something below.

A couple of new things on the site. I added a link to multi, my handy picture archive viewer thing. I use it all the time, so I figured that other people might like to play with it. The docs aren't very good, but I'll clean them up later. I also decided that it was about time for Opening Line and Operation Lambda to become freeware, so they're available for download now. There are probably only a couple hundred people who care about that at all, but I hope they like it.

I think I came up with this one in my sleep. I just woke up and started playing it. It's fun and has potential, I think, but I don't feel like working on it right now, so this is a "just fooling around" take, rough and short.

Hopefully, I'll come back to this one later.

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