Monday, 2/26/01

Another sleepless night last night. But instead of wasting my time with comics, as I have been doing, I felt the urge to make something. I am accustomed to that urge being accompanied by the frustration of having no idea what to make, but now that I'm deprived of my usual muse... it was especially disturbing. And it made me think about my now ex-muse, which was of course what I was avoiding in the first place. Anyway, after scrounging for ideas and consulting my old and pitifully intact list of "things I want to do", I decided to implement an idea for a t-shirt design that I had come up with last year.

You can see it here. I think it's pretty funny. I don't know why "POOL of VOMIT" is so funny to me, but it sure is. (For what it's worth, I don't think my ex-muse liked the idea very much... I suppose that makes the project all the more apropos.)

There was actually a bit more to the original plan than what I implemented. I own a shirt that consists of this on the left breast:

My shirt was also going to have eyes above the logo on the front, but instead of mean eyes, they were going to be red, blurry, hung-over eyes. That would have been pretty cool, I think, but it would require color, and it would require me to draw. There is no chance whatsoever that I could draw a good pair of eyes. And even if I could, the parody wouldn't make much sense without seeing the original shirt. So, no eyes. It's still a good design.

The next t-shirt design I have in mind is also sort of a parody, but it'll be more difficult because the logo is in cursive. It was easy to mimic the No Fear logo because it's all straight strokes. Curves are much harder to deal with. But I'm sure it'll come out okay. No fear.


Okay, obviously there's some stuff I "should" write about. But I'm not ready to yet. Maybe in another week. Maybe in a month...

But because I'm feeling oh-so-capricious right now, I think I'll put a link to this (from 7/12/99), and this (from 1/12/00, half a year later). Why the hell not? Who cares now?

That presupposes that someone is actually reading this. Yeah, right. Perhaps this would be more appropriate.