Friday, 2/23/01

Hey, it's Friday. I guess I should write something here. Not that it matters too much, since I'm fairly certain that absolutely nobody reads this. But it's three in the morning and I'm sick of reading webcomics, so I'm going to write a little.

Let's see... this week. I've been sleeping every other night. I'm a little afraid of what might happen if I lie awake in bed, so I simply avoid it until exhaustion takes over and executes my descent into sleep quickly and mercifully.

This plan ends up allowing me to go into school with "the gang" every other morning. Although, I'm not sure why I do it. Oh yeah, it's because I don't want to be alone in the house all day. Something else that I should avoid right now.

Wednesday, a couple dentists bounced some x-rays off my skull and determined that my teeth are in perfect health. This was a pleasant surprise, given that Kaiser's ever-observant MRI technicians thought I had a tooth infection. It's too bad -- this would have been the perfect week for a root canal. Man, that would have made a great story.

In other news, I saw Mummenschanz tonight and didn't care too much for it. I recoded the inner loop of my codeword pruning algorithm and made it run three times faster, which is pretty important when the program takes four days to complete. I managed to get Michele to yell that I was a jerk and slam the door on me, which was sort of unpleasant. I made cookies for the house again and they came out better this time because I didn't overcook them as badly. Nice and chewy. I read comics, watched a couple movies, worked on my website, and played some music.

I continue to occupy my time and live in denial.

Life goes on. Imagine that.