ERE'S some stuff I've made or helped make. Some is new, some is old, some may amuse you.

Telephobia: My ideal home would be connected to the outside world only through the internet, the mailbox, and the front door. No television, no radio, and no telephone.

Job Search: "Did you TRY to look for work this week?"

Absolut Value: Sure, this concept has been beaten into the ground, but I haven't yet seen one quite like this one. (Note: Perfect height for desktop wallpaper!)

clothing: Despite their ubiquitous presence in trendy ads, grainy black-and-white photographs of brooding models have never inspired me to go buy clothing. This ad more effectively appeals to my real motivation for purchasing clothes.

Thank You!: Many people draw up elaborate "thank you" art when their hit counters reach large round numbers. I don't have a hit counter and can't draw, but I estimated my traffic and tried anyway.

Baka: Silly otaku humor. If you don't get it, you haven't met enough anime fans and/or vegetarians.

Farmer Bob: When Farmer Bob enters the chatroom, you better be ready to talk about tractors, 'cause that's what Farmer Bob is gonna talk about.

Grad Application to Caltech: Caltech usually doesn't re-accept undergrads as grad students, and applying to grad school is free. This leaves some opportunity to have some fun. The application was filled out and turned in in person on the day it was due.

Alternate Homepage: I was browsing through some of the beautiful, well-designed creations with which people have graced the world wide web (mostly through geocities), and I was inspired to create this page as some sort of homage to them.

Notes: As I was going through some of my old school papers, I found this excellent example of why I don't usually take notes in class.

Ol' Nasty: A short, entertaining, disgusting story. Not recommended for children or anyone who is offended by anything at all.

Caltech Girl: There aren't too many women at Caltech, and those that are tend be a special sort. Ben Williamson and I decided to write a song in honor of their unique qualities. You can read the lyrics or the music video script.

Relationships at Caltech: A brief look at the advantages and disadvantages of Caltech romance.

Life on the Farm: A classic. Rural entertainment doesn't get any better than this. Come toss a few veggies at the critters, and when you get tired of that, draw up some new critters and veggies for all of us to enjoy! Yee-haw!

Let's Play Squash: Very late one night, I felt the need to vent some anger. Come view the Java-based result of my virtual homicidal tendencies.

Amusing Picture Collection: Not strictly something that I created, but just assorted pictures I've found that have amused me.