Ditch Day stack spring, 1999

Y roommate and I did a Ditch Day stack called "Elite Corps Earth Sentinel", which was in some ways the crowning achievement of our four years at tech. As you might expect, it was quite loaded down with electronics and software. It was a very elaborate piece of work, wherein our entire room was turned into the inside of an alien spacecraft, with an appropriately cryptic console to the alien computer system involving light sensors scattered throughout the room. Not to mention trap doors, puzzle locks, rope bridges, and a grand finale involving the alien being crushed by a basket of candy. There was also a little "maze game", which seemed to test the frustration levels of the Elite Corps. We have few pictures of the stack unfortunately, but maybe someday it will get its own webpage when we have accumulated enough nostalgia.

elow is one of the initial puzzles. The people on the stack had to collect a number of "chips" that were scattered around campus, and then figure out which socket each one should be plugged into, getting clues from which lights turn on. When all the chips were in the right place, a solenoid opened the hatch to the alien craft, allowing them inside. This was one of the minor bits of electronics, nowhere near as cool or expansive as the alien computer interface... but it's all I have around to take a picture of. :(