Air Guitar winter, 1998

E 91 is the senior project class, where you have to design and build an independent project. I built an "air guitar". This is an electronic instrument that lets you make music by moving your arms around and bending your fingers. It consists of a glove and wrist-mounted box o' circuitry on the right hand, and a little box to hold in the left hand. The notes you play are determined by how far away your left hand is from your right hand and which finger you bend. So it's sort of like running your left hand up the frets of a guitar and picking the strings with your right hand. You can bend your finger halfway to play a single note, or bend your finger all the way to "slide" from one note to another. There is an LCD screen which displays a piano keyboard and shows you what note you're on. The sound is generated digitally through wavetable synthesis.

ven though most of it was done at the last minute, I consider this project to be a success. The audio output sounds good and the control is responsive. Now I just need more practice playing it!