(Just a few of the least personal ones.)

To: B
Date: Sat, April 27 2002, 12:53 am
Subject: Re: journal entry - poem : "Return to Form"

> I had a dream, terrifying in its certainty, and way more relevant than
> anything Martin Luther King ever coughed up. I wrote the following in
> about 2 minutes. The only hint you is that ahou means "idiot" in
> Japanese. The rest is in English, so you're on your own pal...

For an Obscure Poet Wonderboi...

I've thought the poet's soul to be
a glassy globe, where all can see
the silent storms and snowy swirls
as hidden hands shake inner worlds.

Real snow or paper flakes,
to the viewer, hardly makes
a difference, so long as he can peer
through glass which words have polished clear.

But though I long to understand
your secret stormy sphere-bound land,
around your globe your writings pour
like Sherwin-Williams Kelly-Moore.

What should I do with this (I beg
your pardon) shiny Easter Egg?
Spend my hours scraping at
a coat dumped on, two minutes flat?

I mean no disrespect, my friend.
A wordsmith's words are his to send.
But choose opaque to paint the skies,
you hide your world from loving eyes.

And choose opaque to paint the skies,
you block the sun... the world dies.

Date: Fri, April 9, 2004, 11:41 am
Subject: passions

Semi-conscious compositions. Semi-aimless expeditions.
Flatted fifths. Handmade gifts. Letterforms with swashed serifs.
Man-machine communication. Perpetual self-education.
Nonaggression. Checked depression. Lexigraphic self-expression.
Words that love and works that live. A close-held heart to share them with.

To: M
Date: Fri, July 15 2005, 01:52 am
Subject: Re: Sunday Afternoon

> I'll be in Cali this weekend - mostly for a crazy 30th bday partee on
> Saturday afternoon - but I'm free Sunday afternoon. Does anyone want
> to get together in Berkeley? I'd love to see folks if you're around!

An ion who once held my bond
accelerated far beyond.
As my potential stayed at ground,
she cyclotronned around and round.

After an eternity,
this proton has returned to me.
Why so long? Lorentz contraction?
Or just diffraction and distraction?

Regardless, I'm excited to embrace
her positively charged-up space.
But it seems that she attracts a crowd:
her head's in an electron cloud.

Miss Nucleus is hard to see
when swimming in her electron sea.
As leptons leap around the belle,
I can't break through the outer Shel.

Yes, I am bondless, gassy, noble.
Interactions make me mobile.
My charge repulsion, to be frank,
is so large I'd rather walk the Planck.

I know her spacetime line is steep,
with state transitions she must keep.
But just a quantum of her time
to pair up with her friend in rhyme?

To: M
Date: Thu, May 4 2006, 11:00 am
Subject: wedding RSVP

An ion who once held my bond
accelerated far beyond.
As my potential stayed at ground
she cyclotronned around and round.

At velocity .28c
her spun-up state found symmetry.
The third of June, I'll gladly see
this collision's strange and charmed debris.

To: A
Date: Wed, Sep 24, 2008, 10:52 am
Subject: Re: Rather Facinating

> Amidst hills and mountains
> streams and city fountains
> a yearning more than a must...
> Are you intoxicated with nature
> and that which lies in the realm of rapture
> I ask, is your present today and your mind unbound?

My present's a presence I dread and despise.
It's binding my mind and it's blinding my eyes.
Those rapturous realms overwhelming your prose
are far from the ruins my Google Map shows.

I'm learning that yearning, so burning and bright,
soon turns into churning, then spurning and flight.
Promised adventures to paradise lust
devolve into censures, degrade to distrust.

Your mountainous hills and your fountainous city
are finely-scribed figments, so pure and so pretty.
But my palette lacks pigments for pictures you paint.
I was moved by your message... Forgive my restraint.

To: J
Date: Tue, Dec 16 2008, 10:36 am
Subject: birthday prime

Thirty-one's a perfect prime
(it cannot be divided).
Its factors are itself and one
(eternally united).

Your thirties, you will hit your prime
(you long ago confided).
I hope this year you find your one
(and multiply requited).