I was considering my shared housing options on craigslist, and was frustrated enough that I finally just posted a fake ad for my fantasy home.

I wish I knew how to create such a place.

$800 maybe this is what you're looking for? (mission district)

Date: 2010-07-25, 12:32PM PDT
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Hi! We're looking for a unique roommate to share our unique house! 

To give you sense of who we are, here are some of the features we've added to the house: 

- drink trolley "railroad" that runs the length of the house, and can be used to ferry food to the living room and empty dishes back to the kitchen 

- secret passageway behind a revolving bookshelf. In order to reveal the passageway, you must win a game of tic tac toe against a computer which warns you that the only winning move is not to play. 

- our fridge is a realistic replica of a red British phone booth 

- trebuchet on the roof. During parties, we fling gift bags of chocolate unto distant lands. 

- scrabble wall. One giant crossword, currently at 2730 letters (over 30 Scrabble sets) and counting. 

- ceiling netting, so you can crawl around the ceiling like Spiderman. We keep the snacks up there, so if want 'em, you've gotta crawl to 'em. 

- Mr. Bumbles, our low-budget robotic pet that doesn't do much besides fall over a lot 

- small backyard with garden. Planted in the garden are a number of "trees", such as the "pantry" (made out of old cookware), the "poultry" (made out of wooden poles, and bears rubber chickens and bathtub duckies), and the recursive "forestry" (a tree-bearing tree). At the front of the garden is the "entry", which bears various forms of the letter "N". 

We do things we think are fun. Such as: 

- themed dinners, where every dish, for example, must be yellow, or native to South America, or remain affixed to the plate when the plate is flipped upside down 

- MUFFIN HUNT. A dozen delicious fresh-baked muffins have been hidden around the house! Can you find them by smell alone? 

- the first of each month we have Chore Pinata. The pinata is smashed and everyone grabs candy. Attached to each candy is a slip of paper naming one of your chores for the month. 

- Theme Thursdays! We spend every Thursday evening talking like Pirates, or Irate Spaniards, or Biker Penguins, or Doc Brown from Back To The Future, or whatever the week's theme is. 

- we enjoy randomly announcing things over the house intercom system. (Yes, we have a house intercom system.) "Next stop, Millbrae station, doors are closing." 

- last Christmas, all of our tree's decoratations were related to words that could substitute for the first syllable of "christmas" (eg, wrist-mas, swiss-mas, fist-mas, kiss-mas) 

- one morning, we woke up to find all of our potted plants seated around the coffee table, with a high-stakes Monopoly game clearly in progress. The one of us responsible for that hasn't fessed up yet. 

- during breakfast one weekend, one of us crawled into the kitchen dressed entirely in ninja garb, opened a cabinet, grabbed a box of cereal, and not-so-stealthily ran out. To this day, we keep a can of Ninja Repellant in that cabinet, just in case. 

- various stunts in public, such as staging elaborate fight scenes that devolve into sumo wrestling, or going to children's movies dressed as the Predator.

About the room: The vacant room has windows, a roof, a floor, etc. It's a room. You know what a room is. You really shouldn't be here for the room. You should be here for the people. 

If this environment sounds like home to you, we're looking forward to meeting you! 

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