The BART Widget

Ride that train, baby.

A trip planner for the BART train system in the northern California bay area.

Instructions for use:

  1. Open dashboard.
  2. See when the next train is coming.
  3. Enjoy your smog-free public transportation.

Advanced use:

  • Drag baubles on a map to set your route.
  • Click the clock to set the date and time. (You can also drag the display or mousewheel.)
  • Click the heart to bookmark your route.
  • Click the speaker for voice announcements.

No network connection is required. The BART widget is a free, self-contained trip planner that you can take with you.

Download v1.10, released November 5, 2018. See changes.

This project is open-source. You can contribute on Github.

Are you interested in UI design? I wrote a paper that might change the way you think about software:

It even discusses this very widget. Probably more than necessary.