Bret Victor's music projects

I've played the piano all my life. You'd think I'd have something to show for it by now.

When I'm not making stuff up, I usually play pop and jazz standards.

They're not worth recording, but you might hear me playing them at street corners in berkeley on the melodica.

For stuff I've made up, click on things below.

mlawg (blog-style improvisations)

For about a year (2001-ish), I recorded and posted piano improvisations on a regular basis. I never thought that they would become my most significant musical output. Sigh.

The list below is vaguely sorted by quality.

Slightly more deliberate

Run : The first (and only) piece I "composed".

you think too much : The inaugural piece for the failed Barnyard Dinosaur project. A personal favorite.

and for my next trick : Second piece for Barnyard Dinosaur.

autumndance : Created for an animation which I will maybe finish someday.

emptyroomfriend : Simple piano piece.

Shala's Theme : Arrangement of a Chrono Trigger piece by Yasunori Mitsuda.

Ze Frank Related

Fun Winter (Frostbitten Fingers Mix) : A jazz version of Ze's song.

Ze Duckie Song : Created for Fabuloso Friday, but not used.

Whipass Piano Ballad : Ray's vocals and my piano.

Whipass Micron : Ray's vocals and my synth.


whatever : I threw this together when I first got my Mac. I kinda like it.

multitrack practice : My first multitrack piece. It shows.

more practice : And my second. Even worse.

Et Cetera

The kids these days are making a ruckus about that there You-Tube. I've gotten in on the action a little bit.

For about a year, I played piano for a bad rock band called "Afraid of Heights". We sounded like this: