Wednesday, 9/12/01

Here's something different. Today's lesson is about presentation versus content. The music here is just some silliness that I played off the top of my head. The arrangement is... quite unlike any of the previous entries. And guess what? Most people would probably find it more listenable than any of the mlawg entries that I actually like.

This is was made completely for practice, to get the hang of arranging stuff and using the tools. It's really my first ever attempt at something like this. In a sense, I'm just warming up for the BIRPG project. But the tune ended up not sounding too bad, so I decided to post it. I should get some props for that bassline, at least.

On an unrelated note, yesterday was quite a day. I think I found something yesterday. I'll write about it later.

multitrack practice (2:00, 1880Kb)