Thursday, 8/9/01

So, as a contrast to the last entry, I wanted to make a nice little piano piece. Simple, pretty, boring, straight-eighths, lots of arpeggios. Here's the result. Yeah, so much for that, right? At least I managed to maintain the semblance of propriety for almost two full minutes before dissolving into "Bret-banging-on-the-keyboard" mode.

I haven't been doing much personal music lately; hence the lack of mlawg. Between band practices (which have increased in frequency due to the possibility of an upcoming gig), my current software project (should be revealed within a couple weeks, with any luck), conference paper revising (the silly people on the conference committee accepted the stupid thing), and other activities (okay, a fair amount of Final Fantasy VII)... my fingers have been tired.

nice little piano piece (2:25, 567Kb) or hifi (992Kb)