Thursday, 7/26/01

I was listening to some old mlawg entries, and was unhappy with the acoustical artifacts created by using a low mp3 bitrate. So I dug up the original wav files for as many entries as I could find, created higher quality mp3s, and posted them as alternate downloads. ("Higher quality" here refers to the encoding process as opposed to the musical quality, which is still beyond help.) Now, realize that I (and I'm sure you as well) find it hard to believe that anyone would want a high-quality version of a mlawg entry to stick in a winamp playlist or something. However, attention must be paid to the Law Of Internet Numbers. This principle can be stated as follows:

Let A be the set of files available for download from a website, and I be the set of users on the internet. As the size of I increases without bound, then for each member of A there will develop a producer-consumer mapping between this member and a non-empty subset of I.

Or, to put it more simply:

The number of people on the net is so mind-bogglingly huge that there is someone out there who is interested in any given file on any given website, even donkey porn.

Thus, although I can't imagine anyone wanting higher-quality mp3s of Bret screwing around on the piano, there must be someone who wants exactly that, just because there are so many people out there.

So, here you go, whoever you are. Just don't expect me to provide any donkey porn, you sicko.