Wednesday, 5/9/01

I was going to say that I had nothing to write about today, but I just realized that's not true. I have something very important to write about. I finally have a dream.

This is fairly significant, because I'm currently devoid of any long-term goals, or even short-term for that matter. Hell, I don't even know where I'll be two weeks from now. But the point is, up until a couple days ago, there was literally nothing at all that I wanted to do. Nothing I was looking forward to. Nothing I could make that I felt was worth making.

And then I thought of something. Someday.... I want to co-create an online comic book. But not just any online comic book. An online comic book with a soundtrack.

Most RPG players will admit that the music in a game is a major part of the playing experience. And an identifying feature of most movies is the musical score. Music is a wonderful means of underscoring the emotions in a story. So why not a comic book?

What I'm envisioning is a one-issue-a-month, Shockwave-or-similar-based deal, similar in form to a traditional comic book, except with a musical score for each section, or perhaps each page in some parts. Ideally, you flip the page, and the music transitions to the score for that page or section.

What I'm also envisioning is Somebody Else doing the artwork, me doing the music, and the story, scripts, and code co-written as appropriate. Now, when I say "doing the music", I don't mean anything like the little improvised doodles that I post here... I mean full-out composed and orchestrated pieces. The real stuff.

I really think this could be huge.

I know I'm not quite ready for it yet. I need more songwriting experience, and I need much more practice with the tools. But... it's a dream. And it's an obtainable one. Maybe, when I think I'm ready, I'll approach some of those artists that I'm so in awe of, and see if anyone's interested.

Or maybe someone will approach me first.

Some pleasant, musically vapid crap today. Probably simple and stupid enough to be made into a popular song.

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