Monday, 5/28/01

That's it. All done. Thesis is signed, sealed, and delivered. I'm officially a Master of something or another. The band spent our 24 hours in the studio and emerged with a somewhat professional-sounding six-song CD. All the loose ends have been tied up, and I no longer have any obligations to anyone or anything.


Joanne believed in ghosts. But, I remember that she once said that ghosts aren't supposed to be here. I think that she, like most believers, felt that ghosts only exist on earth because of some unfinished business. When all the loose ends are tied up, they can pass peacefully into oblivion, and cease to be what they should not be.


I recorded this a couple months ago, but didn't post it because it sucks. However, it probably doesn't suck as much as the previous entry, which seems to get worse each time I listen to it. I'm too tired right now to record anything new, so here's this.

(2:05, 492Kb)