Monday, 5/14/01

Brian recently warned me that the Berkeley EE profs have no sense of humor. Turns out he was right. I submitted my thesis to my advisor a week ago. When I got it back, the two-thirds of it that he had bothered to read were filled with big red X's through all of my favorite parts. Everything that was amusing, or anecdotal, or even slightly informal, had to go. My advisor wanted it cut and dry, straight to the point, without any of the spice that makes writing worth reading.

I'm not too happy about that, but I have a plan. The "official version", which I'll submit to the school, will be purged of all informality, just as my advisor wants. The "director's cut", which I'll keep myself and give to my friends and post on this website, will retain all the good bits.

Okay, since all I ever talk about is school and comics, and I've already talked about school... I discovered some new comics. Really good ones. For some reason, I had been skipping College Roomies from Hell for a while, but I finally decided to read it, and... wow. That's some good stuff. Yesterday, I read through Everything Jake. Double wow. The art is among the best for a daily webcomic, and the storyline is rather awesome. Today, I've been reading The Class Menagerie. Triple wow. The art is excellent and the strip is really funny. It's one of those rare strips, like Alice!, that never misses a punchline every four panels, even while pushing the plot along in the middle of a serial. Amazing.

Between typing 130 pages, band practice, and independent music stuff, my chronic wrist pain has been sneaking back, so I've been trying to lay off the mlawging for the past couple days. However, today I was feeling down about various things, and I made a couple of half-hearted, unsuccessful attempts at a sad, oh-woe-is-me song. Then I started reading The Class Menagerie, and it cheered me up enormously. The strip had me feeling so good, I moved over to the keyboard and made a happy, upbeat song. Not at all what I would have expected a few hours ago. What a great comic...

thank you, vince suzukawa (1:06, 261Kb) or hifi (457Kb)