Tuesday, 4/17/01

Write, write, write. No time to blawg. No time to play. I'm trying to crank out eighty pages or so of thesis in... less than a week. Fun, fun, fun.

Okay, a bit of site updating too. I cleaned up my stupid yet strangely entertaining website spellchecker and added a link to it. On a whim, I used it to flip through a few old blawg entries, and oh, the shame! My second-grade teacher would not be proud at all. Anyway, I also added a link in the research section to my latest opus, that conference paper that I'm always blathering about. My Masters thesis is going to be pretty similar to that paper. Just fifteen times longer.

One more thing... This has been a good week for e-mail. I received three completely unrelated e-mails that, well, made me feel really good. I may be alone, but at least I'm occasionally appreciated. :)

That gives me strength. Now, back to work.