Thursday, 3/28/02

Aw yeah. Life is good.

Sure, I still have no plans for the future, and no money, and no idea what I want to do with my life. Nothing major has changed. But right now it doesn't matter, because life is good.

Andy has agreed, enthusiastically even, to start a little musical project with me. That alone is enough to make life good. All variety of excuses have conspired to prevent me from producing music in the last few months: no inspiration, no motivation, no audience, no companionship... But now -- no more. Soon, we'll be dishing out the funky beats (or at least some sort of funk-free beat-flavored musical substitute) with consistency.

Why else is life good? I've started exercising again. This particular addition to the complex, throbbing entity that is the bret self-improvement regimen was prompted by a recent traumatic event known as "taking a shower with my contacts in". I realized that not only did I no longer have the track-star physique (that one dissolved halfway through college), I have even lost the ex -track-star physique. My abdominal ridges have sunk below the surface like sandcastles at high tide. Thus, I've started running and doing a bit of lifting every day, and it actually feels pretty good. (By "running", of course, I mean "jogging"... My hamstrings made it perfectly clear on several unfortunate occasions years ago that they were no longer going to deal with this sprinting nonsense.) I took a couple of jogs around Inspiration Point in Tilden Park, which is a beautiful area, although passersby did not seem to be amused by my singing (to the tune of "Celebration"), "In... spi-ra-tion Point, come on!". Their loss. They probably wouldn't have appreciated either my version of Hakuna Matata which substitutes the phrase "vagina dentata".

What else? I've been basking in the awesomeness that is the third edition of the Camel Book. Along the way I managed to pick up a bunch of books about mud-men or something like that. Pretty sweet. THE COOLEST MOVIE EVER MADE (English title for American release: Iron Monkey) finally came out on video and I was glad to help myself to a couple more showings. I saw Brian yesterday for the first time in months. The sun is shining, the grass is green, there are three deer outside my window, and life is good.

Good enough, in fact, that for the first time in half a year, I hit the record button, sat down at the keyboard, banged out a little something, and posted it as a mlawg entry. In a fit of capriciousness, I decided to simply upload the first take, nasties and all. Because, you know... life is good.

Aw yeah.

life is good (3:24, 798Kb) or hifi (1397Kb)