Monday, 3/26/01

I have nothing to write about today. I'm just wasting time until the mouse dies. Most mice, you see, are smart enough to step into the trap in such a way that they die instantly. That is much less painful for both of us than the procedure adopted by the latest mouse, which was still flailing around with the trap around its throat when I found it. I'm never quite sure how to deal with live mice. The problem is that, before disposing of the mouse, I have to separate it from the trap, and live mice are more likely than dead ones to sink their disease-ridden teeth into my fingers. I ended up dropping the mouse, trap and all, into a plastic bag. I'm hoping that the lack of oxygen, along with the several whacks against the countertop, will take care of its brief candle.

I had a mlawg entry for today, but it sounded like crap, so I didn't post it.

This is the coolest thing I have read in quite a while.