Friday, 3/23/01

I'm in a strangely good mood right now. I think I'm just really happy with tonight's mlawg entry. I wouldn't expect to be in a good mood right now. My Friday evening was spent controlling a video game character while all my housemates, who apparently have friends, were out having fun. And I've barely eaten, which tends to make me irritable. And my cat died yesterday. And two weeks before the deadline, my advisor has decided that the conference paper should have a different focus, meaning that it should contain a whole bunch of research that I haven't done yet.

But I'm happy. I'm happy because of the music I played tonight. I'm not sure why -- the timing is atrocious, as usual, and there are million things I would change with it if I were to make it into a real song. But despite all that, I think it's a good chunk of notes. It resonates with me. And I made it. It just popped out of my fingers when I wasn't paying attention. I doubt anyone else would like it... but that doesn't really matter.

When I played this, I was thinking, "What the hell is this crap supposed to be?" But then I listened to it, and y'know, I kinda like it. As I was listening, a title occurred to me. It's called "Some Things Just Aren't Worth Worrying About". I don't know why, but I really love the ending. It has this beautiful lullaby sound to it.

I cheated a little bit... In the loud part, I have my keyboard playing octaves, since I couldn't fill it up as much as I wanted with only two hands. I'm not particularly fond of using special effects like that, but it works here.

some things just aren't worth worrying about (366Kb, 1:33)