Saturday, 3/17/01

In the proud spirit of self-improvement through public humiliation, I'm about to embark on something gutsy. At least, I sure hope I am. For a while now, I've been toying with the idea of "mlawg", a musical counterpart to blawg. I figure that since I spend an hour or so each day making up music anyway, and most of it is probably more inspired than any of this writing, I might as well post snippets of it publicly.

The benefits are apparent. First of all, I would be forced to listen to myself, thus creating a feedback path which might result in improvement in my skills. Secondly, because of the possibility of an audience, I would be forced to play something that isn't crap, which also may improve my skills. (This is similar to the rationale behind blawg.) Third, it's a first step toward producing real songs. It may help me gather the motivation and momentum to lay down and edit some tracks. Fourth, maybe I won't feel quite so envious of those artists who have all of their beautiful stuff online.

But the most important reason is that I've always been very secretive about my music, mostly due to embarrassment. Maybe after mlawging for a while, I'll no longer be so afraid of playing my stuff for other people.

What I'm going to be posting is one or two minute clips of what I was improvising that day. It'll mostly be made up off the top of my head, although I may incorporate some stuff from my sketchbooks if I'm feeling dry. It'll always be "live" (a straight analog recording from my keyboard, actually), with no doctoring on the computer other than cropping and fading. I'm hoping it might set the mood for a blawg entry, or perhaps express how I'm feeling better than words could.

That's the plan. Wish me luck.

As a teaser, I'm going to put up a little initial clip now. I played this just as a soundcheck to test if the recording setup was working, but I thought it was kind of cute and a nice intro, so in the spirit of gutsiness, here it is:

mlawg intro (144Kb, 36 seconds)