Tuesday, 2/6/01

Ugh. Blighter's rock. I was trying to write my conference paper, and it just wasn't working. Couldn't... form... coherent... sentences. I'll try again tomorrow. When I wake up bright and early at 2 pm. Ugh again. I really need to shift my sleep schedule. Only seeing a few hours of sun a day is probably screwing up my circadian rhythm, or so my dad would tell me. I figure that as long as my food source is the 24-hour Safeway and not photosynthesis, there's nothing especially essential about sunlight. But it would be nice to see some once in a while.

Tomorrow, I also should fix my mailbox thingee. Put mail in the box, and the flag goes up, right? Well, for the second time, some kid apparently wanted to see if the converse was true, and forcibly twisted the flag around in the hopes that mail would magically appear. This experiment, of course, bent some of the doohickeys inside the device, and now I have to take it up to the house and repair it. Dammit, when I was a kid, I didn't bend other people's doohickeys. Perhaps I misspelled obscenities in wet cement, and pedalled lemonade that was watered down to the point of being undrinkable... but no doohickey bending. If I ever catch that kid, I'm going to deliver him a mailbox full of whup-ass.

The thumb is better. I played with "the band" yesterday. I am apparently part of the band now, and I have mixed feelings about that. On one hand, it's an opportunity and experience that I can't possibly pass up. On the other hand... it's not my music. If I'm going to be known for anything musically, I don't want it to be as the superfluous and semi-talented keyboardist for Afraid of Heights. I want it to be as a songwriter. It's that whole "create" thing that I've plastered all over this website. Of course, I have only myself to blame for not having bought Cakewalk or n-Track Studio and laid down some tracks by now. I suppose I can also blame my keyboard for its faulty e-flat key that prevents me from playing on my favorite half of the circle of fifths, but then it's my own fault that I haven't called keyboard repair guy yet.

Maybe I'll do that tomorrow too. If I can get up in time.