Thursday, 2/1/01

Spent tonight looking at artist sites again. A sure way to make myself feel amazed and depressed at the same time. I mean, I just redid my entire website, and now I want to throw it all away and redo it again, in the chance that I could even come -close- to some of these sites. Oh well. Accept what I've got. Right now, what I've got is a looming deadline for my conference paper, and a professor who wants to see a draft in a couple weeks. "How's the progress on the paper, Bret?" "Progress is great. I spent the last two weeks ignoring it and working on my website." Except I didn't say that last sentence. I was going to start working on a proof tonight, but I got caught up looking at artist sites. Tomorrow, I'll start working. I swear.

Now, this is the kind of website I want to have. Wow. But I want a menu that looks like this. And I want be able to draw like all these people. But I can't. And I can't even play music right now because my left thumb is very painfully and inexplicably bruised. Oh well.

But life ain't bad. Today I finalized my exit from Berkeley at the end of this semester. I think that's a good thing. Leaving grad school is kinda scary... sure, I'm not at all happy with school right now, but when I leave, I'll be giving up all the freedom that comes with being a grad student. I will no longer be able to screw around for half a year and still get paid. My concern is that if I start "working", then I won't have time or energy for personal projects. But I figure, I've got to try it. If I'm not happy with my current situation, I've got to move on, even if there's a chance that I won't find anything better. So, today I signed the form and turned it in. Getting my Masters at the end of this year.

"And then what?" everybody asks. I have no idea. But I sure hope it doesn't have anything to do with IC design.