Friday, 2/16/01

No work today. Instead, I decided to indulge my current comics obsession, and I made this. It goes and finds the comics that I don't get in my newspaper, and puts the latest strips in one convenient location. It's my own personal comics page. It's also somewhat illegal, so don't look at it. Wink, wink.

Unfortunately, Keenspace, which hosts many online comics, is down right now, and so I'm cut off from the big stash. Big Panda, in particular, is currently teasing me with a whole bunch of offerings that I can't get to, because they're all on Keenspace. I'm sure Keenspace will be back up before long, and I'll be able to give into my wanton desires and tear through comics with hedonistic abandon, but in the meantime, it's mildly torturous. There's nothing hedonistic about postponement.

I did discover Scrubs, which looks very promising. And I like the idea of two people doing the strip, one writing and one drawing. Maybe someday, I could... naw.