Monday, 2/12/01

What did I do today? I played some rock n' roll, and read online comics. How's that for an active and varied lifestyle?

Band practice was pretty good today, although something weird happened in the middle there. On one song, there's this nice accompaniment that I had come up with, and for some reason I couldn't remember it. I spent the song trying to figure it out, and it just wouldn't come back to me. The weird part was that the experience was evidently so disconcerting that I kind of lost it on the next two songs as well. I fell out the groove, and was sort of playing around aimlessly, trying to get back on track. I hope that doesn't happen in public. But other than that, a fun practice. I still had that strange unhappy feeling afterwards, but I think I'm getting used to that.

Then... online comics! I am actually a mild fan of Megatokyo, and I decided to try out some of the others. I read through the entire archives of Sinfest, Lethal Doses, and Ice Cream For Breakfast, and looked at Player vs Player and Tang's as well. Sinfest took some getting used to, but I think I like it quite a bit. Lethal Doses is pretty good, and ICFB is okay. I wasn't too impressed with the other two.

Ack. I have more I want to say, but my writing sucks tonight. I'm tired. I'll try again tomorrow.