Monday, 1/28/02

Another project down, at least for now. Just some pro-bono webdesign for a non-profit group in San Francisco. I would never consider doing professional webdesign, but for some reason I don't mind doing volunteer work. I'm no web-whore. I'm a... um... web-paramour. Or something.

I'm rather pleased with how it turned out. (Frankly, I think it looks better than my own website.) However, my client has informed my that they wish to do a quiet launch, with no publicity for now... until they have a meeting in a few weeks to decide upon the "future name and direction and new initiatives" of their organization. Right. Normally, I would imagine, one selects the name and purpose of their company before contracting a web design.

Well, whatever. They can have me do whatever they wish. I'll just keep spreading the karma. Spreadin' it, baby.

"So," I hear you ask, "did you use bpublish for this fine web design?" Did I? Oh yeah. Oh, hell yeah. Words cannot express how much I love working with bpublish. The website may look pretty, but the real beauty is all under the hood. Predictably, this work resulted in an update to bpublish itself, so if you've been wanting optional inheritable properties, or haven't been able to use bpub because you don't have jpegtran, or whatever, go check it out.

"So," I hear you ask, "have you moved on to your next wild and exciting project?" Well... I'll just say that lately I've been spending more time in the UC Berkeley engineering library than I ever did while a student...