Tuesday, 10/30/01

bpublish v1.20 has been released! Now with documentation! And not just any documentation... a manual that is literally longer than the program code itself. Of course, most people (me included) don't like to read manuals. They like to see a few examples and then figure it out for themselves. So, before the formal User's Manual, I included a User's Automatic, which gives a few paragraphs on the basics and then shows a bunch of examples that cover most of what a user would want to know. Hopefully it will reduce the intimidation factor quite a bit.

Some good stuff in this version. Dynamic parsing and evaluation of bpub code (which should have been there from the beginning), core keywords for programming constructs, other neat stuff. I think it's actually usable by people other than me now.

But once again, there's the question of distribution. Hmm...