Date: May 7, 2002
Theme: freestyle warmup

and for my next trick
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Description: Once again, I prove to myself that I'm a reasonably competent musician, a poor arranger, and an awful sound engineer. Overall, I'm happy with this piece....

Punk Plummet
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Description: This started out with a cool strum that I was going to build an elaborate instrumental around. But I was hampered by technology and mistimed inspiration....

Date: April 1, 2002
Theme: freestyle warmup

you think too much
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Description: I'm pleased with this one. The sound wasn't at all what I originally intended; I had envisioned it as an upbeat electronic dance track, but instead it settled into a laid-back groove which I think suits it much better....

Weekend Elimination
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Description: My first contribution to the Barnyard Dinosaur Project will leave the listener doubting that I've even picked up an instrument since the BA days. I decided to make the song an instrumental and center it around piano, since words take a long time to write and piano's what I'm used to....