Welcome to Barnyard Dinosaur! This is an ongoing musical project by Bret Victor and Andy Likuski. Basically, every couple weeks (or months), we each make a piece of music based around some particular theme, and we post it here. Then we talk about it.

The purpose of all this is to give us an excuse to practice writing and arranging music, as well as just to have a little fun. These won't be professional-quality tracks, but we will try to spend the time to make them worth a listen. Right now, we're still in the beginning stages, figuring out what we're doing. Who knows where this will go?

Incidentally, there is no direct connection between this website and barnyards and/or dinosaurs. If you are curious about the origin of the name, perhaps you should explore some of the greener pastures on this here Internet. But if you came here because you really want to hear music about honest-to-goodness barnyard dinosaurs, maybe we can cook up a little something (3:14, 2657 Kb).

Enjoy your stay at Barnyard Dinosaur!